Center of Excellence for Human Resources Development


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PIC no: 949445507



CEDRU Association – Center of Excellence for Human Resources Development is located  in Craiova, Romania. It develops activities mainly at local and regional level, but in partnership with institutions all over Europe.

Our mission is to support all the people who need non-formal education in their process of achieving personal and professional goals, by facilitating access to essential information, key skills and educational tools leading to personal and professional development which meets their potential. The second pole of interest of our initiatives aimed at engaging in social and humanitarian projects that provide the support and advocacy for people with special needs.

CEDRU has an attractive portfolio of programs and projects, mainly promoting a wide range of educational activities, training, educational consultancy and technical assistance.

Students, teachers, parents and adults from different social categories benefit  from  CEDRU programs and expertise. CEDRU promotes educational models implemented nowadays in Romania  and  many other countries in Europe as well.

CEDRU offers :  counseling; training in various language and life skills to young and adult people in the region; CEDRU club which promotes non-formal educational activities for senior people as an alternative to spend the spare time in a pleasant and also useful way.

The association provides a stable and highly qualified structure for management / implementation of seminars / conferences / training courses / labs / workshops / etc. by various and several skills: its structure, with a system of high competences, ensures an always consistent management of activities with the first declared objectives in a general framework of quality of actions.

CEDRU  volunteers develop a lot of activities for young people, such as:  trainings on interactive communication, on volunteering and social involvement, on community management or on peer-to-peer mediation, in order to prevent violence.

CEDRU is a member of Regional Agreement of South-West Region of Romania.

Recently CEDRU has finished a project entitled “Management of communities” focused on NGOs capacity for developing a community of practice at local and/or regional level. CEDRU was a partner in this project in the training delivery stage.

CEDRU was involved in research methodologies both academic and web-based, promoting Open Space Technology useful for dissemination and multiplier events. Our association has a strong and fruitful collaboration with schools in our region (South-West Oltenia) being involved in managing of conflicts and parenting education programs.

We are a think tank organization which permanently learns from others and its own experience.

The Centre establishes its own priorities and selects the areas of interest for its projects and services according to its clients needs and the national and international educational field evolution.

 CEDRU – registered in National Transparency Register  of lobby and advocacy activities


 CEDRU – member  of South -West Oltenia Territorial Pact


CEDRU – member of   RSC Social  Network–Act Responsibly 


CEDRU – member of NGOs Coalition for NEET young people (Not in Education, Employment, or Training)


CEDRU – member of E.N.T.E.R. Network



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