Center of Excellence for Human Resources Development



We are dedicated to personal and professional development . We believe that success can be learned and each of us has the potential to achieve his/her own objectives . We are here to support excellence , to provide skills , information and tools to all those who want to achieve his/her personal and professional success, as each defines it .

We exist for our beneficiaries: children , teenagers and adults who want to become better at what they do , personally and professionally,  who want to achieve their goals , regardless of formal education , age , geographic area , religion or ethnicity .

What are the needs and challenges of our customers:

  • need for “Excellence in Education” to supplant formal education (received in school);
  • inaccessibility (price, location) of information and tools for personal and professional development;
  • most young people (90%) need access to successful sustainable models to guide;
  • need for community cohesion, consisting of those interested in personal and professional development;
  • need for access to the people who support them and guide them on their way to other targets.
  • dynamic people want to get involved in community development and society as a whole;
  • need for access to opportunities (employment, partnerships and business development relationships).

Through our projects we try to meet these needs and challenges identified in our beneficiaries. Projects are designed “stepped”, depending on the level of awareness, preparation and decision of the beneficiaries (from projects with free access, accessible online and up to complex projects such, from the point of view of involvement, time and funding).



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