Center of Excellence for Human Resources Development

CEDRU priorities

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  1. enhancing creativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship, at all levels of non-formal education and training through the acquisition of transversal competences by all CEDRU beneficiaries, ensuring the functioning of the knowledge triangle (education-research-innovation).
  2. developing  excellence in lifelong learning and expand mobility projects as mean of  implementation of CEDRU lifelong learning strategy and more flexible learning pathways.
  3. improving the quality and efficiency of education and training in order that all CEDRU beneficiaries  to be able to acquire key competencies and all levels of non-formal education and training, through activities, projects and programs more attractive and efficient.
  4. promoting  a responsible education and training strategy, focused on equity, social cohesion and active citizenship, in order to enhance skills and competencies needed for employability and better social inclusion,  intercultural dialogue and inclusive education; encouraging partnerships between local, regional, national and international entities, public and private bodies, as well as broader learning communities with civil society and other stakeholders, interested in education and training.
  5. creating a pole for excellence in at regional and national level, based on the principle community for community creating opportunities for initiating and developing win-win growth programs,


These priorities  are committed to  Education and Training 2020 (ET 2020), the new strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training, and in accordance with European values promoted by Threaty of European Union – article 2. They are also in accordance with Europe 2020 headline targets concerning an agenda for new skills and jobs, based on: smart growth (based on knowledge and innovation), sustainable growth (based on promoting a more and more competitive  resources) and  inclusive growth (a high-employment economy, based on social and territorial cohesion).


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